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Hi Connected Yoga Listener!


Want to create a course but have no idea where to start?

Hi, I'm Janelle Allen and I want to help you start (or re-engage) your email list so you can grow your fanbase and sell your course.

If you're a new course creator, you probably feel overwhelmed right now. Especially if you aren't sure who your audience is or how to engage them.

The truth is, most new course creators feel overwhelmed because they're focused on results (money) before they've set the foundation: building an engaged audience.

You've been sold the six-figure course hype. 

But behind every six-figure success story, there's an engaged email list. Ever wonder why?

Because email is the #1 way to engage your audience and get them to buy from you.  

When you first start, though, you have more questions than answers. 

How do you find subscribers? What's a lead magnet? What if you haven't emailed your list in months? 

Lucky for you, my free course, Start With Email will help you jumpstart your email list so you can start making sales.

Here's what's in the free course

Do you really need an email list?

This is the question everyone wants to know. Is there a workaround? Do I really need to do this? What about Udemy? This lesson will give you the answers. 

3 ways email helps your business grow

Now that we've dealt with objections, in this lesson, you'll learn 3 key reasons why email helps your business grow. You'll also learn which tools to use.

Common mistakes new course creators make with email marketing

In this lesson, you'll learn the common pitfalls new course creators make when it comes to email--and how to avoid them. 

Which lead magnet works the best?

It's time to talk about lead magnets! This lesson will teach you the different types of lead magnets and how to choose the right one for your goals. 

Why your list isn't buying from you

Tough love moment here. No one nails email marketing the first time. In this lesson, you'll learn what's keeping your subscribers from buying from you and what to do about it.

Bonus content, and more!

You didn't think I'd skimp on the bonuses did you? You'll get some bonus freebies to help you get started with email marketing so you can grow you audience. Plus, there's 2 more lessons. 

Ready to Get Started?

If you're reading this and thinking 'I AM SO THERE!' then let me teach you the foundation of email marketing (for free). It's time to stop avoiding your email list and start reaching your goals. 

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