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Turn your expertise into an online course that scales.

Tired of trading dollars for hours? Finish Your Damn Course is here to give you a roadmap to a new business model.

Do less client work.

You've been thinking about creating an online course for a while now. 

It's not that you aren't serious. It's just, well, you have clients to tend to. (Those bills aren't gonna pay themselves, right?) 

So instead of taking your business to the next level, you spend your days taking care of your clients' needs. 

But where has that gotten you?

  • You're still trading dollars for hours
  • You feel stuck and overwhelmed
  • You know you're missing out on revenue by not having a product  

Yikes! This is not what you had in mind when you started your business, is it? 

It's time to stop giving your clients all of your precious brain juice. It's time to prioritize your goals and finish your damn course.

Maybe more information is the answer

Except it's not. You're already overwhelmed with information and action items. 

You've spent a gabillion hours watching free webinars, listening to online course podcasts, and downloading PDFs. 

And you still feel stuck. Overwhelmed. Frustrated.

You've heard all of the 'gurus' talk about passive income and tell you that creating a course is easy as pie. 

So you feel like you're not hustling hard enough.

(What they didn't tell you was they have a team on-hand to make the damn pie--and a $10k ad budget to sell it. Jerks.)  

You're not alone. Thousands of course creators have hit the same roadblocks.  

There's a better path. 

You can keep binging podcasts and YouTube videos...Or spend more hours signing up for free downloads and webinars, only to launch to crickets... 

Or you can take the smarter path:

Turn your existing service into an online course.

Online courses aren't magical passive income machines. They're hard work at first. But they can absolutely transform your business and give you more freedom.

In order to level up your business, you have to turn your process into a product.

So how do you do it?

You need a roadmap. 

What if instead of feeling overwhelmed, you had a roadmap to guide you from idea to launch?  

What if instead of walking alone, you had a community of peers to connect with?  

What if instead of googling your online course questions, you could ask an expert?  

You can.

Introducing Finish Your Damn Course

I’ve taken everything I've seen and done from live teaching, client work, and launching my own courses...and turned it into this comprehensive, no B.S. online training program. For business owners who want to create a meaningful course. And do the work.


stop trading time for money

Client work pays the bills, but what's it costing you? Whether you're missing out on time with family or just want to scale your business, it's time to for a change. Discover the exact steps to turn your process into a course...and get your time back.

check list

get the roadmap you've been missing

Creating an online course is not as easy as everyone makes it seem--especially if you haven't done it before. Instead of Googling answers or signing up for free webinars, why not get a roadmap to guide you each step of the way?

question bubble

find community and accountability

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road. You will get access to a private Slack community and connect with other online business owners on the same path. Set your goals. Share your wins. And keep each other accountable. 


gain clarity in your business

The process you'll learn in this program doesn't just help you launch your online course. It also helps you clarify your business model. You'll define your target audience and figure out exactly what they want to buy.

Course Outline

Mission 0 - Habit Journal

Do you know why most people struggle to finish their course? Habits. 

In this Mission, you will identify your harmful work habits so you can stop them when they pop up later.

Mission 1 - Define Your Learner's Needs

It's time to find out what your audience wants.

During this Mission, you will survey your email list to pre-validate your course idea. Don't have an audience? You'll learn how to research on other platforms.

Mission 2 - Create Your Learner Profile

To create a meaningful course, you need to know WHO your learner is and what they want.

In this Mission, you will interview people in your audience and create a learner profile that will help you market later.

Mission 3 - Outline Your Course

Now that you know all about your learner, it's time to outline!

During this Mission, you will define your course goal, map your Learner Journey, and create your course outline using Backwards Design.

Mission 4a - Plan Your Launch

This Mission is all about planning your pre-sale. 

During this Mission, you will define your pilot offer, and create your Launch Plan.

Mission 4b - Write Your Sales Copy

In this mission, you will write your launch emails and sales page.

By the time you're done, you'll be ready to launch!

Mission 5 - Launch Your Pilot

In this Mission, you will test your shopping cart and launch your pre-sale! 

This Mission is intentionally light to give you time to catch up on writing.

Mission 6 - Teach Your Pilot

Running a live pilot is a lot different from a self-paced course. 

In this Mission, you'll learn how to run your pilot course or workshop.

Mission 7 - Create Your Course Materials

Want to learn how to create worksheets? Need tips on recording video lessons?

In this mission, you'll learn how to create your course content so that AFTER your run your live pilot you know how to turn it into a self-paced course.

Janelle is the real deal. Her program helped me create and launch my first online course with actual paying students. Before working with her, having an online course was just something I kept attempting at but feeling stuck. Her podcast brought me closer and closer, but the group program gave me the structure, mentorship, and Janelle taught me important foundations in instructional design. Now I'm in the middle of delivering on promise to students and instead of shutting down on camera I feel confident knowing that I've designed real outcomes for my students. Seriously, even if you're already making online courses take a moment and learn from Janelle.

Ryan Clover-Owens - Maple Creative

-Ryan Clover-Owens, web designer + founder, Maple Creative

Get the roadmap you need to create your online course.

The complete program for overwhelmed business owners ready to scale.

Choose the plan below that works best for you. Either plan gets you access to the course modules, worksheets, Slack channel, and Group Coaching Calls.

Course (monthly)

  • Instant access to the course material
  • Assignments & worksheets to help you apply the concepts to your course 
  • Access to the private Slack community 
  • Chat-based Office Hours in Slack each week 
  • Group Coaching sessions twice a month with Janelle 
  • 75-min 1-on-1 session with Janelle (schedule anytime)
  • Swipe copy for your emails & sales page  

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Course + Coaching

  • Instant access to the course material
  • Assignments & worksheets to help you apply the concepts to your course 
  • Access to the private Slack community 
  • Chat-based Office Hours in Slack each week 
  • Group Coaching sessions twice a month with Janelle 
  • 75-min 1-on-1 session with Janelle (schedule anytime)
  • Swipe copy for your emails and sales page 

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How I've used this process for myself and my clients

Hi I'm Janelle Allen. This is the story of how I used the exact process taught in Finish Your Damn Course! to get unstuck and launch courses faster and leaner.

When I started Zen Courses in 2016 I had no idea what I was in for. See, as an Instructional Designer, I was used to creating courses for colleges and corporations.

But creating courses to sell? Not so much.

First, I tried to build my own self-paced courses. I sold a decent number, but there was no way to tell if students were getting results. Plus, if I'm honest, I wasn't a natural marketer. I never felt like I truly understood how all the pieces fit together: Instructional Design, marketing, launching...*sigh*

Eventually, I shut down my self-paced courses and focused on working with clients who already had their marketing dialed in.

After about a year, something clicked. For one, I got better at marketing. Secondly, I began to develop my own process for creating online courses for entrepreneurs. 

So what next?

I knew I didn't want to create any new self-paced courses (I loved interacting w/ students). Around the same time, I started getting inquiries from people about a group program. Thus, Finish Your Damn Course! was born.

The process you'll learn in FYDC is the exact process I use to launch a new course. It not only draws on my experience launching profitable courses for myself, but also creating courses with my clients using Instructional Design principles.

I love teaching this program and hope to see you inside.

Before Janelle’s course, I had a lot of ideas for creating my own online course. I would start writing one, and then get stuck due to self-doubt, lack of information, procrastination, etc. I knew this was something I wouldn’t soon achieve on my own. I was looking at different course creators and comparing them, and luckily happened upon Janelle. I knew right away that she was the teacher for me because of her experience with instructional design, her methodical approach, and how her course was research-based and focused on students getting results. Thanks to FYDC and Janelle, I now have a course that has been validated by my audience, and I know how to repeat the process.

Victoria Stith

-Victoria Stith, therapist & professor, Open Sky Mind

Who This Course is For:

  • You have a service-based business that makes 5 to 6 figures in revenue.
  • You have a process that's just begging to be a course. 
  • You have an active list of people you can market to.
  • You need help figuring out how to organize your content.
  • You want to learn how to market your course.
  • You want structure, community, and accountability.
  • You're an action-taker.

Who This Course is NOT For:

  • You don't have a business yet.
  • You don't have an active email list or client base to sell to (or your list is just friends and family).
  • You've never sold your process as a service before.
  • You don't want to market to your audience.
  • You're not willing to do the work.

What did I like most about FYDC? The attention to detail in terms of course structure. The clear communication of expectations around participation. The warm yet professional dynamic that was created and facilitated by Janelle. The hands on, down and dirty details re: creating our course content - with all resources referenced. The live calls which gave us the forum to get immediate feedback. Best practice instructional design. Everything.

Kirstie O'Sullivan

-Kirstie O'Sullivan, actor & voice coach, The Voice Practice

Janelle's experience in course building is strong, and the support/feedback you get goes beyond what any self-paced course can do. Check out her blog and you can see it there. Look at her podcast and all the knowledge she has gained talking to course creators for such a sustained period of time. No doubt she will guide you well (if you are ready to be guided). She is a pro at instructional design, and also has marketing and digital chops. You want both.

Hal Zeitlin

-Hal Zeitlin, President, Zeitlin Media


When does the program start and finish?

You will be able to start the first two modules immediately. The remaining modules will drip release each week. You can finish the program at your own pace.  

How long will I have access?  

When you join month-to-month, you’ll have access until you cancel. When you join the annual plan, you'll have access to Finish Your Damn Course! for 12 months, plus you'll be able to download the video mp4s and course notes and keep them FOREVER AND EVER. 

Hold up, why don't you offer lifetime access?

Two reasons: motivation and savings. Having a deadline helps students take action...instead of procrastinating (not you, of course). Secondly, the yearly option gives you the chance to save money over the monthly plan in the long run. 

When will weekly Office Hours be held? 

Office Hours will be every Wednesday at 1pm Central Time in Slack. These are chat-based so you don't have to worry about finding a place to take a video call if you're out and about. You can even join Slack on your phone!  

What are the Get Sh*t Done Work Sessions and when are they held?

This is something new! Work Sessions are an opportunity for you to show up and get coaching on whatever you're working on within the course. Sometimes these will be Q&A style, sometimes they'll be Hotseat sessions. The goal is to get work done. These will be held twice a month on Wednesdays.  

I have an existing course that I want to improve. Will the program be too basic for me?

Nope! This program is for course creators in what I call the "growth" stage: you have a course idea and an audience to sell to but you need guidance to make it across the finish line. "Finishing" can mean launching your first course or applying the structure to take your existing course to the next level.  

Do I need an email list to join this program?

You'll get the best results if you do. The validation and launch strategies you'll learn in the program work best with an active list of at least 150 people. If you don't have a list, you can run ads or webinars, but they will add additional time and cost. If you aren't there right now, your #1 focus should be listbuilding.  

Does this program cover Instructional Design?

Yes. I’ll show you how to apply Backwards Design to create a course that gets results. You'll also learn advanced strategies like how to increase engagement in your course, choose the right activities, and how to make your content more actionable.  

Will you show me how to build my course in Teachable/Thinkific/Podia etc?

No, we don't cover tech setup in this program. Most platforms have very helpful tech support to get you going.

Do you have non-profit pricing?  

Unfortunately, no. My 1:1 Instructional Design consulting rates start at $7k, so this program is the BEST value if you want access to me.

If I change my mind can I get a refund?

Of course. Life happens. You might get to busy to do the work. You may decide to time travel to another dimension (where they don't have internet). No worries. You have 21 calendar days from from your purchase date to request a refund. There are no refunds after that time period. Simply email hello [at] zencourses [dot] co to get a full refund within that time frame. 

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